Editing pictures in computer and file formats
  For editing pictures for use for goboplates you could use almost any program. What you need to think of is that print out the picture as a negative if you use the the print out as a original. You should also keep the details not to small. Don´t forget the tags, and to cover large areas in white so the etching process don´t go to hot.
  Glass gobos
  When editing pictures that will be send to Beacon Member for manufacturing of gobos both black and white and color, use Photoshop or Paintshop or some program that could handle JPG, TIFF or EPS files. When sending color pictures they should be send as RGB files, for correct values of PANTONE-colors. If you want to be shore of getting correct colors you should note the PANTONE numbers associated to the picture. One problem that is hard to compensate for is compensation for the color temperature or the lamp. A halogen lamp contain much more red than an arc-lamp. The easiest way to compensate this error is to use color compensation filter. But for normal use this is not necessary.
  File formats

For best result the image original must have a high quality. If the image consists as a file the format JPG,EPS or TIFF (for MAC or PC) is recommended. The Adobe Illustrator files (EPS) is the best for logotypes that we can scale up & down (the resolution is not a matter for vector based files)The resolution of the picture should at least be 1200 dpi. the thumb rule is that the picture should have twice the resolution of the resulting lineresolution on the original.

The JPG should be saved in maximal quality.

  The resolution on Beacon Color gobo is 2530 dpi and 600 lpi.